Why Should Your Law Firm Care About Cybersecurity?

by | Jun 28, 2022

Cybersecurity threats are increasing. The Washington Post recently estimated that cybersecurity breaches cost global businesses more than $1 trillion each year. For law firms, strong cybersecurity practices are especially important, as lawyers and law firms have heightened professional responsibilities to protect sensitive client information.

At Rize Technologies, we provide top quality cybersecurity services for law firms. Partnering with top global cybersecurity providers, our team offers a comprehensive range of services. In this article, you will find an overview of the key reasons why your law firm should care about cybersecurity.


Why Does Every Law Firm Need Cyber Security? 

Technology offers tremendous promise for the legal community. The latest legal tech can make the practice of law more efficient and effective. At the same time, increased reliance on technology also makes law firms more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Here are four reasons why every law firm needs strong cybersecurity:

  • Cyberattacks Can Cost Money and Even Shut Down Your Practice: A cybersecurity breach could cost your law firm a lot of money. There could be direct financial losses, and it could (temporarily) slow down or even shut down your practice.
  • Cybersecurity Threats are Increasing: Cybercriminals put an enormous amount of time and resources into finding vulnerabilities. With cybersecurity threats rising, a law firm that falls behind in its cybersecurity practices is at a greater risk than ever before.
  • You Have a Duty to Protect Confidential Client Information: Lawyers and law firms have a professional responsibility to protect the sensitive information of their clients. American Bar Association (ABA) regulations—such as Rule 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information)—put strong responsibilities on law firms.
  • Your Firm’s Reputation is at Stake: A cybersecurity breach could cause significant reputational damage to your law firm. In most states, firms are required to disclose a cybersecurity breach to affected parties in a timely manner. Clients and potential clients may not trust a law firm that has weak cybersecurity practices.


Why are Law Firms a Target for Cybersecurity Threats from All Around the World?

Did you know that domestic and international cyber criminals actually target lawyers and law firms? There are a number of different reasons why this happens. To start, law firms are viewed as relatively soft targets. As many law firms rely on technology but do not have the proper cybersecurity practices in place, cyber criminals may find vulnerabilities. Next, law firms often have access to valuable sensitive client information.


What Tactics are Cyber Criminals Using to Attack Law Firms?

Cybersecurity criminals are increasingly sophisticated. They use a number of different tactics to try to compromise sensitive law firm information. Some of the most common tactics from cybercriminals include:

  • Malware: Malware is illicit software that is intentionally designed to corrupt, disrupt, damage, or to gain unapproved access to computers and a computer system.
  • Phishing: Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending deceptive emails with the purpose of getting a person to share their password or other sensitive personal information. That information is then used to gain unapproved access to a system.
  • Identity Theft: Identify theft is a serious threat in the legal industry. Cybersecurity criminals may try to commit identity theft and/or use identity theft as part of an attack.


Recent Examples of Cybersecurity Attacks in the Legal Industry 

Cybersecurity breaches are by no means a hypothetical concern in the legal industry. There have been several high profile—and very costly—cybersecurity breaches in recent years. Here are some examples of cybersecurity attacks on law firms and legal departments:

  • Big Law Firm Data Breach (DLA) Piper: As reported by Fortune Magazine, a 2017 cyberattack against the biglaw firm DLA Piper took the entire law firm offline. The firm’s email and phone systems were shut down and global operations of one of the world’s largest law firms were temporarily suspended.
  • Cybersecurity Breach of the New York City Legal Department: In 2021, The New York Times reported that the New York City Legal Department suffered a serious data breach after an employee’s password was compromised. An inadequate threat management system led to the entire department being breached. Thousands of attorneys and legal professionals were taken offline.


How Can Law Firms Stop an Information Leak?

To plug an information leak, law firms first need to be aware that the weakness (leak) exists in the first place. For this reason, it is crucial that law firms conduct regular cybersecurity audits. A cyber threat audit is especially important for firms that have never previously done one. Strategies that firms can use to address information leaks include:

  • Improved password strength;
  • Utilize two-factor authentication;
  • Train lawyers and legal staff on cybersecurity threats; and
  • Put the right cybersecurity technology in place.


Why Should a Law Firm Hire Rize Technologies for Cybersecurity Services?

Rize Technologies is a top provider of IT and legal technology services to lawyers, law firms, and legal organizations. We are closely partnered with the world’s best cyber security providers. Our professionals put a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, and we are able to offer a full spectrum of cybersecurity protections. Cybersecurity services that we provide for law firms include:

  • Digital intelligence and proactive threat management;
  • Vulnerability assessments and management;
  • Cybersecurity attack protection;
  • Data privacy and data protection; and
  • General cybersecurity consulting.

The best way to deal with a cybersecurity attack is to stop it at the earliest possible level—ideally before any sensitive or confidential information is compromised. Protecting law firm data is our top priority. We offer a security audit to law firms so that they can understand the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that currently exist and take action to protect themselves.


Contact Our Cybersecurity Professionals for Law Firms Today

At Rize Technologies, we are committed to providing high quality, fully personalized IT support and strategies services to law firms of all sizes. Our legal tech team puts a strong emphasis on the importance of cybersecurity. If you have any questions about cybersecurity for the legal industry, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our cybersecurity services for law firms.




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