Can Your Law Firm Benefit from Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

by | Feb 1, 2022

Time is the most expensive asset for all legal professionals who struggle to extend their billable hours, decrease the administrative burden, and improve productivity. In the heat of daily legal work, cybersecurity awareness training may sound like another good-to-have experience falling short of priority list standards.

In reality, cybersecurity training is the most essential safeguard in law firms, addressing the human factor responsible for the most data leaks and breaches. With the consequences of cyber attacks costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, more and more companies are investing in cybersecurity awareness training for employees to cope with the ever-increasing rate of cybercrime.

The benefits of cyber awareness training are palpable and measurable, helping law firms ensure that their client’s data are safe and their systems are impregnable to more than 90% of cyber threats. Here is more on the techniques used by hackers in today’s environment with prevailing work-from-home arrangements, the role of the human factor, and the benefits of security training for law firms.

Cyber Threats Are Real 

Most agencies report that 2021 has shown an even higher increase in cybercrime than previous years. The hackers took advantage of the increase in remote work and work-from-home settings in the absence of firewall protection, reliance on unencrypted mail services like Gmail, and lack of security awareness with employees.

All of these have led to even more damage from cybercrime for businesses, who had their data leaked, had to pay an even higher ransom, and spent many hours restoring their systems. According to cybersecurity reports, the average ransom payment in 2021 has almost tripled, amounting to approximately $850,000 compared to $312,493 in 2020. Meanwhile, according to the 2021 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, cybercrime evolves as a national security threat, with hackers adding new malicious email techniques, escalating web shell attacks, and innovating their approaches.

Human Factor Is the Weakest Link in the Chain

So far, most cyber attacks continue to attribute their success to the human factor. The Human Factor 2021 Report by ProofPoint demonstrates that “attackers don’t hack in, they log in, and people continue to be the most critical factor in today’s cybersecurity.” According to another study by the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, more than 90% of successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email.

Most often, users fall victim to cyber attacks, clicking on a link in an email received from scammers. These emails are designed to make the recipient hurriedly click on a malicious link by sending a tempting offer or scaring them with threats to reveal personal information or images. 

Benefits of Security Awareness Training 

The ultimate goal of any security training is to minimize the human factor in cyber security risks through a proactive approach, developing security awareness and security-oriented culture within organizations. Such training also allows businesses to ensure better protection of their data with minimal cost, achieving the highest ROI on cybersecurity investments. 

1. Developing Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

The most effective programs prevent cybersecurity threats before they occur. When the risk has already materialized, it may take much more resources and finances to mitigate the consequences compared to ensuring cybersecurity in the first place.

Training employees on cybersecurity allows preventing problems instead of dealing with the aftermath of hacking attacks. After the training, users will be more effective in identifying and avoiding cybersecurity dangers.

2. Building Awareness and Creating Security-Focused Culture

After users become aware of different kinds of malicious email techniques and other cybersecurity threats, they will help their companies address vulnerabilities and improve the safety of data and systems. When employees are educated about the importance of practicing cybersecurity, they change their approach and adopt effective measures. 

Reading a cybersecurity policy can help employees get acquainted with the company’s concerns but will not build habits in using effective security techniques. Meanwhile, regular training helps users adopt effective approaches and practice them in the workplace.

3. Achieving Highest ROI on Cybersecurity investment

Cybersecurity training is considered as one of the most cost-effective solutions that help businesses significantly reduce data vulnerability. According to Microsoft Digital Defense Report, simulation training has helped to achieve a 50% reduction in employee susceptibility to phishing, which still accounts for the majority of successful attacks.

With the human factor being the weakest link in the chain, cybersecurity training addresses this most important component of law firms’ security system. While the cost of such training is minimal compared to other measures, it turns out to be the most effective solution providing the highest ROI on cybersecurity investment.

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Cybersecurity awareness training is an inexpensive but highly effective tool in combating cybercrime and creating safeguards to law firms’ confidential information and software. With the human factor causing most data leaks and breaches, cybersecurity training remains an essential component of law firms’ overall safety. 

If you are interested in taking a proactive approach to cyber threat management, please don’t hesitate to contact Rize Technologies cybersecurity experts in Fort Lauderdale. Our team focuses on ensuring cybersecurity for law firms and addresses all vulnerabilities, including the human factor. Rize Technologies provides legal professionals with a full package of cybersecurity services, including security audits, cyber attack protection, data leak analysis and solutions, threat intelligence and cybersecurity awareness training.

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